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You’ve heard about TenGenix, and you’ve seen people talk about how good the formula is – now, you’ll see what the buzz is all about.

TenGenix got to the top spot in rankings because of its ingenious formula, and when it comes to breakthrough supplement formulas, it all comes down to one thing – ingredients.

TenGenix has been the subject of many supplement review websites primarily because of the interest in the product. It’s one of the top-selling products for the past 2 months, and according to several of our sources, there has been a shortage of units in at least three separate occasions. This just speaks to the widespread interest that TenGenix gathered over the past few months.

TenGenix is the first-ever male enhancement supplement to prove that penis enlargement works, and many people are puzzled over the fact that TenGenix did not use any NEW ingredient for male enhancement. In fact, some of the ingredients used by TenGenix has been used by other male enhancement pills, but TenGenix is the only male enhancement pill to ever achieve this level of success. Even though TenGenix did not utilize something new, it all came down to two things: ratio and quality.

TenGenix ingredient quality

TenGenix uses high-quality ingredients on all pills. The key is to have the highest levels of concentration on each ingredient to achieve the best results. After all, supplement ingredients are never just a bunch of chopped roots and leaves, it is the extract of the source that makes it all happen. The objective is to get as much of the active compounds in the natural source to yield the best possible outcome. This way, the formula is much more concentrated and easily absorbed by the body in just minutes.

In comparison, a 50mg content with 70% extract is more effective than a 100mg content with 30% extract. Higher concentration allows the body to absorb the ingredients in a much more efficient manner than taking in more in terms of mass, but less in terms of effective compounds.

TenGenix ingredient ratio

Another aspect that makes the formula effective is that the TenGenix do not overpower each other. Instead, the ingredients work in perfect synergy. The end goal is to make the penis bigger, and each component helps to achieve that goal. Other male enhancement supplements tweak their ingredient ratio to highlight a single benefit. One product may load up on aphrodisiacs, but ingredients that prevent erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation may not work as well as the aphrodisiacs. TenGenix ensures that its components are well-balanced and highly-effective on all targets, including penis enlargement, libido boost, and sexual endurance.

To clearly explain how each ingredient factors into the formula of TenGenix, here’s a simple narrative of how TenGenix works. Here’s an excerpt of the TenGenix Steps from the website and an explanation of what ingredients are in play for each step.


TenGenix triggers a series of events that start with a fast-acting aphrodisiac. The aphrodisiac blend in TenGenix sets your body on the ‘ready’ by contracting blood vessels and focusing blood flow to your groin area. The first step alone is enough to potentiate erections.

Ingredients in play: Tongkat Ali, Muira Puama

Tongkat Ali and Muira Puama are two fast-acting ingredients which are absorbed by the body in as fast as 30 minutes. These work by improving the testosterone levels in the body, which essentially amps up the user’s libido. Increased libido makes the user more sensitive to sexual signals, and the natural body response is an erection. The blood vessels in the other parts of the body contract to focus pressure and volume of the blood to the penis, which potentiates erections. This step is crucial to the formula since it acts as a precursor to the vasodilation effects of TenGenix. It also makes TenGenix a viable alternative to fast-acting erectile dysfunction medicine for people who prefer to use TenGenix on an as-needed basis.


The second step involves a rapid dilation of blood vessels, especially on the arteries that supply blood to the penis. The increased volume of blood makes erections much more intense.

Ingredients in play: L-Arginine

This is where the start of penis enlargement begins. L-arginine acts as a precursor to nitric oxide, which then combines with GMP to form cGMP, the enzyme that makes erections possible. The natural effect of L-arginine is to dilate blood vessels, not only in the groin area, but in the entire body. With the effects of Step 1 already in play, the effect of L-arginine is now focused on the arteries that supply blood to the penis.


The third step involves PDE-5 inhibitors and free calcium inhibitors to increase sexual endurance by continuously potentiating erections. This step acts as the precursor to penis enlargement.

Ingredients in play: Tongkat Ali, Muira Puama, Tribulus Terrestris

Tongkat Ali acts as a PDE-5 inhibitor to prevent the degradation of cGMP and allow it to be more effective, for a longer period of time. Tongkat Ali also inhibits free calcium to prevent the sudden ‘shrinking’ of the penis during sex. Muira Puama contributes to the PDE-5 inhibitor effect, while Tribulus Terrestris prolongs the effect by acting as a delayed-release supplement, since tribulus terrestris absorbs much more slowly than the other ingredients.


Penis enlargement is achieved through consistent use over a period of time. The increased volume of blood that fills the corpora cavernosa, or the penile chambers will cause the penile chambers to adapt and expand, resulting in a permanently bigger penis.

Ingredients in play: L-arginine, Tongkat Ali, Muira Puama, Tribulus Terrestris

Consistent use is the key to penis enlargement. Over time, the penile tissue adapts to the increased volume and pressure of the blood, which makes it longer and thicker.


The hormone balancing agents in the formula of TenGenix enables the user to gain full control over their orgasm by inhibiting key neurotransmitters oxytocin and prolactin. These effects stack with the other ingredients in the formula, resulting in an overall increase in sexual desire, stamina, and performance of the user.

Ingredients in play: Maca Root

Maca root keeps testosterone in check to prevent premature ejaculation, and it also helps regain sexual interest by reducing the refractory period in men.

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