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Caught up in the TenGenix fever? See what makes TenGenix the #1 penis enlargement pill on the planet today!

If you’ve tuned in to the latest buzz in the world of supplements, you would have caught wind of talks about TenGenix – a relatively newcomer in the industry of male enhancement supplements, but with its widespread success and overwhelmingly positive feedback from its customers, it’s hard to ignore the fact that TenGenix is indeed the world’s #1 penis enlargement pill.

The core objective of TenGenix was to reintroduce science back into the market that has shunned development and research for fancy advertising and endorsements. Since Viagra was introduced to the public back in the 90s, we have not reached another breakthrough that would redefine how people think about sexual health supplements. Compared to bodybuilding supplements, fat burners, and vitamins, male enhancement supplements are rarely taken seriously by customers.

Experts agree that the next frontier for male enhancement is making penis enlargement possible, but various credible sources – both online and offline – claim that penis enlargement is a hoax and it would never be possible through the use of oral supplements. Now, TenGenix is here to prove all the doubters wrong. With compelling scientific evidence, clinical tests, and customer feedback, TenGenix is poised to change the public’s perception of male enhancement supplements.

What separates TenGenix from the other products?

For years, people thought about male enhancement supplements as alternatives for erectile dysfunction drugs. While there’s a select number of successful male enhancement supplements, there’s an even larger number of supplements that fail to meet the expectations of their customers. Many of the sexual enhancement pills sold on the market are falsely-advertised by its marketers. Customers buy into the idea of a pill that can do it all, but the technology at the time these pills were developed did not exist.

The makers of TenGenix understood that it would take more than just crafty advertising to convince people that the pill truly works, even though many other companies do just that. TenGenix breaks the usual mold of male enhancement pills by going back to the drawing board to figure out the best formula to make penis enlargement a reality.

TenGenix was under development for more than two years. During that time, the pill was refined and developed with the help of experts, critics, and trial volunteers. As a result, TenGenix was finally able to prove that penis enlargement is possible, and that technology is now within your reach.

The secret of TenGenix lies in the crafty selection of ingredients that led to its bulletproof formula. The idea was to bring together ingredients that would work synergistically to achieve penis enlargement. After all, achieving penis enlargement is never a simple process. Research on the matter suggested that to achieve penis enlargement, there must be a long-term change in blood flow to the penis – and that’s where it all started.

How TenGenix Works

TenGenix focuses on improving blood flow to achieve penis enlargement. To make that happen, TenGenix brought together some of the finest ingredients on the market that are proven to safely increase the pressure and volume of blood that flows to the penis.

Since there’s no actual way to increase pressure and volume at the same time without sacrificing one for the other, TenGenix created a system that would allow an increased focus on blood flow to the penis for an extended amount of time.

The process involves Vasodilators – ingredients that are designed to dilate blood vessels to allow more blood to flow through the passages. On its own, vasodilators are essential to male enhancement. It helps alleviate the factors that cause erectile dysfunction, and helps normalize the function of the penis by eliminating occlusion and stenosis. Vasodilators are known to decrease blood pressure by widening blood vessels, which helps restore the normal function of the penis, but it is counterproductive to reach the ultimate goal of penis enlargement.

To solve this problem, TenGenix also contains PDE-5 inhibitors. These are ingredients that mimic the effects of popular erectile dysfunction meds such as Sildenafil to combat erectile dysfunction. PDE-5 inhibitors work hand in hand with vasodilators. The nitric oxide from the vasodilator component of TenGenix naturally binds with GMP to create cGMP – the enzyme that makes erections possible. cGMP is naturally regulated by PDE-5, and inhibiting PDE-5 enhances the effectiveness of cGMP.

The body has a natural ‘trigger’ to focus blood flow to the penis through the contractions of blood vessels in various parts of the body – this is the normal process that causes an erection. To improve the instances that cause an erection, TenGenix uses three sources of aphrodisiacs, known as testosterone boosters. These ingredients greatly increase the user’s libido. Increased libido levels make the user more sensitive to sexual signals, and it also helps improve the sexual satisfaction that the user experiences during sex. By combining the three elements of vasodilators, PDE-5 inhibitors, and aphrodisiacs, penis enlargement is possible.

The constant increase of blood pressure and volume causes the penile tissue to expand, in a manner similar to inflating and deflating a balloon repeatedly. Over time, the repeated process would require less pressure and volume to achieve a certain level of expansion and this is what makes the penis longer and thicker.

Simple and effective

The consistent use of TenGenix makes it all possible, and it’s not that difficult to take. In fact, it’s so easy you can take it with your morning vitamins. All you need is to take two pills of TenGenix in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach. A single dose every day is all it takes to achieve penis enlargement. Results can be observed in as quickly as two weeks after taking the first dose. For best results, you can take TenGenix regularly for up to 6 months to achieve the peak size for your penis.

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