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I’ve never expected much from any supplement, much less something I ordered online, but TenGenix was hella different. I ordered a bottle just to try it out, and it took me less than 10 days know that it was making changes in my body. I already noticed that my penis was getting thicker after just a week of using it. After 15 days, I grew about an inch in length, and a little less than an inch in girth. After my first bottle, my size grew about half an inch more in length and girth. Plus, it has mean aphrodisiacs that totally get me going every night. Sometimes I had to finish myself off about 2 times after having sex. That’s how strong this stuff is. TenGenix is the real deal.

Matt Baker

Richmond, CA

I’ve tried all sorts of male enhancement back in the day. Viagra was so expensive when it was introduced that I tried all the alternatives. None worked. I pretty much gave up on supplements then, but a buddy offered an extra bottle of TenGenix, and I just tried it for kicks. I noticed that erections were a lot much easier to have after just the first dose. What I like about it is that it makes me really horny when I need to. I don’t get awkward boners; it happens just when I need ‘em. I can orgasm for up to 6 times in one night after a week of taking TenGenix. They say that TenGenix can also make my penis bigger, but now I’m just so satisfied with TenGenix that I’m buying 6 months’ worth of pills after just taking the pill for one week. We’ll see what happens, but I’m positive it will be great!

Kevin Smith

Las Vegas, NV

Ladies, if you want a bit of fun, let your man take TenGenix. I’m a nutritionist and I read all about what TenGenix has to offer. I was pretty much sold from the beginning. I ordered a pill just to see what it can do. I had my boyfriend take it, and after that, it was like he lit up. I’ve never seen him like a sex-crazed maniac, and I’m the kind of woman who likes it rough, especially when I’m in the mood. I ended up pretty sore but satisfied. Ordering another supply today for keeps!

Miss Valentine

St Louis, MO

I’ve never had such an intense reaction to a pill like I did with TenGenix. I’m pretty much used to male enhancement. I really don’t expect much, but I find the slight libido boost that other pills give to be pretty handy in the bedroom. But with TenGenix, it’s an entirely new thing. With TenGenix my libido just went into overdrive – and it felt awesome. I’ve never experienced sexual satisfaction like I had with TenGenix. It’s really something that you should experience for yourself to understand. Everyone should try it at least once!

John Hanna

Salt Lake City, UT









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